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San Jose Japantown - A Journey, is a 430 page book covering the origins of Nihonmachi (San Jose Japantown) up to the present day and contains photos from public and private collections. The book not only chronicles the Japanese American experience but also includes the Chinese, Filipinos, and other ethnicities in the community.

The Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) published the book in November 2014. By the following year, the book sold out. JAMsj has not announced a date or plan for reprinting the book.

The book was produced by Jim Nagareda, Janice Oda, Curt Fukuda, Ralph Pearce, and June Hayashi. It also contained a foreword by Jimi Yamaichi and contributions from Ward Shimizu, Helen Mineta, and Moffet Ishikawa. Funds from sales of the book were donated to the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj).

SJ_japantown Book Cover

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