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After nearly eight years of being out of print, San Jose Japantown - A Journey is back in print. The Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj) did a second printing of 1,000 copies.

Currently, the book is only available at the Japanese American Museum of San Jose (535 North Fifth Street, San Jose, CA 95112). The museum is not offering online ordering.

San Jose Japantown - A Journey is a reprint of the original edition with a few additional photos and corrections to errors found in the first printing. The 430-page book covers the origins of Nihonmachi (San Jose Japantown) up to the present day. It contains stories and photos from public and private collections. The book not only chronicles the Japanese American experience but also includes extensive information and images of the Chinese, Filipinos and other ethnicities in the community.

The book is co-written by Curt Fukuda and Ralph M. Pearce, produced by Jim Nagareda, book design by Janice Oda and edited by June Hayashi. It also contains a foreword by Jimi Yamaichi and contributions from Ward Shimizu, Helen Mineta and Moffet Ishikawa. Funds from sales of the book are donated to the Japanese American Museum of San Jose.

SJ_japantown Book Cover

(above) Video by J-Town Community TV, filmed and edited by Henry Nakata