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Jones and Fukuda Artists’ Statement


Cuentos 2 by Lissa Jones and Curt Fukuda

Narratives have always been an important part of our work,, whether the storyline is explicit or implied. Our current series is even called Cuentos (stories). The Cuentos series consists of multi-imaged pieces, which are not necessarily sequential and not necessarily read from top to bottom. The series comes from a totem idea developed by Lissa a few years ago. It continues exploring some of the themes and questions from our Día de los Muertos series.

Our Muertos series grew out of a love for the Mexican culture, which connected us with the joys, mysteries, and spiritual lives of the people who live in Oaxaca. Of the Oaxacan rituals, we found el Día de los Muertos the most compelling. Just as we were fascinated with the influence of the celebration on the Oaxacans, it was important to understand its effect on us. As Asian Americans, who grew up with our own set of rituals, we found a commonalty in the Oaxacan view of life and death. So our art provided a dialog, often telling a story, exploring questions regarding living with mortality.

Though we use the medium of photography, our images, even the ones of Día de los Muertos, are not meant to be documentary photographs. The images are the foundation of our art, the exploration of rituals related to life, spirit, and death—woven into the texture of a narrative.

Curt Fukuda and Lissa Jones