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Curt’s Artist Statement

Inner Sanctum by Jones and Fukuda
Copyright Lissa Jones and Curt Fukuda.
All rights reserved.

Narratives have always been important in my work. My interest in storytelling inspired me to become film major at San Jose State University. After graduating, my first job was as a cinematographer doing industrial films.

Over the years, my medium of choice changed from film to photography. Again, the emphasis on narratives can be seen in my photographic work. When I collaborated with Lissa Jones on our Día de los Muertos series, the images were chosen for their narrative feel.

Recently, my interests have returned to film and media. Though I’m currently more involved in writing and video projects, my love for photography hasn’t diminished.

I’m grateful to Richard Steinheimer and Art Rogers, two wonderful artists who encouraged me to pursue the photographic arts with sensitivity and excellence. And most of all, I’m grateful to Mark Briggs, the greatest art teacher ever, who continues to be an inspiration and a symbol of the indomitable spirit of art.